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Mathematics is indeed an intriguing subject. However, it may not come easily to everyone, especially for children. The existing education system seems to be extremely rigid, especially concerning teaching math to children.

These deficiencies motivated a new way of learning math for primary school children. With the launched of the new program in 2006 known as Math Monkey. This program is designed to motivate kids from ages 3 to 12 to embrace mathematics with a passion, learning the subject through fun activities using Vedic Math as a base.

It was not long before Math Monkey became one of the established institutes for developing math skills in children, spreading to other countries throughout the world including Singapore.

Origins of Vedic Math

Vedic Math originates from the Hindu scriptures of ancient India from 1500 B.C. to 800 B.C. called the Vedas. In a time when there was no technology to aid the teacher or student, the brain was the central focus of the teaching process. A set of formulae called the ‘Sixteen Sutras‘ is the basis of Vedic Math. These Sutras, originally written in Sanskrit, concentrated on guiding and honing the mind to use logical reasoning for mentally performing mathematical tasks promptly and efficiently.

The Sixteen Sutras

We can best describe the Sixteen Sutras as a set of corollaries that cover the entire scope of mathematical functions. Thus, if you learn all the Sutras, you will be able to use your mental skills to solve any mathematical problem with ease.

Once the child learns to solve math problems using the principles of the Sixteen Sutras, she will be comfortable to work in all areas of mathematics, even extending to algebra, geometry, and calculus. The whole basis behind these Sutras is that mathematical problems can be solved mentally, without using any technology. The Sixteen Sutras are further divided into thirteen sub-Sutras.

Vedic Math Example

Using “The Magic of 11” to solve the math problem of 14 x 11

The Math Monkey Way of Teaching Vedic Math


The concept of Vedic Math is indeed fascinating. However, how do we get a child to get involved in mathematics using the Vedic Math system? The curriculum at Math Monkey is designed to help children get involved in mathematics through games and group activities. All the topics of Vedic Math are cleverly interwoven into this interactive way of learning so that each kid gets more and more involved in the subject with each class.


Playing a Game & Learning Math

Math Monkey Singapore

Now, with two Math Monkey centres in Singapore, one on East Coast Road and the other at Novena, parents can get the much needed help for their children to learn the intricacies of mathematics without the frustration that usually accompanies it.

So, contact your nearest centre today to enroll your child and see for yourself the way Math Monkey works at helping your child master the intricate art of mathematics.

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