Brain Abilities

How The Brain Works

Ever wondered what makes the human brain work? Our brains are unique organs of our bodies, allowing us to think and reason, and providing us with many abilities. And just like all other parts of our body, we need to exercise our brains so that they will function optimally, This is particularly important for our children, as their brains are still being developed and need the right mental exercises to develop to their fullest capabilities.

Exercise Your Brain Through Mathematics

One of the best ways for your child to exercise her brain is through mathematics. Math puts the cognitive skills of the brain to the test by compelling one to analyze data and putting that data into a logical sequence. In order to solve mathematical problems, your child needs to equip with these abilities:



One of the important thing is to be able to focus on the problem at hand. Your child needs to be able to focus on the question that is being asked.



Next, where a mental picture needs to be formed. It is through this visual process that the solution to the problem can be envisioned.



This is another important requirement – a child of any age will have some basic multiplication tables and formulas committed to memory, this will enable them to solve basic math problems.


Logical Thinking

This the basis for planning the steps to solve more complex problems, a crucial skill that your child’s needs not only in the subject of math in school today, but for all other subjects and areas of life.


Processing Speed

When each ability mentioned above has been mastered, increasing the speed at which information is processed will aid in solving problems quickly.

Math Monkey and Your Child’s Brain Abilities

Math Monkey is a unique educational institute in Singapore that has evolved a new system incorporating Vedic math and combining it with fun game-based activities. Through our Math Monkey programmes, your child can aquire from an early age to become proficient in mathematics.

In line with the brain abilities mentioned above, your child will be able to develop a MathBrain at Math Monkey. MathBrain involves being able to collect information, develop problem-solving skills through applying the right formula and learning to perform all these functions accurately and in a short period of time.

What Math Monkey Offers To Your Child


Traditional education today may fail to contribute to the development of your child’s attention span. Children need to be motivated to have a sustained interest in a subject like mathematics. At Math Monkey, the program that is offered is based on years of scientific research of how a child’s mind works in the early years of life.

At Math Monkey, your child will be assessed to determine and be assigned to the most appropriate group; in this group she will be intellectually in contact with their relevant peer group.

Now with two centres in Singapore, you can end your search for a suitable place for your child to overcome her aversion to mathematics. Enroll your child at your nearest Math Monkey centre today, and see the difference for yourself!

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