Learning Through Play

Most experienced parents know that a child tends to learn faster if you make learning a game. Learning through play is a very good strategy because more than anything, children really just want to have fun. At home and at school, when education is disguised as games and other interesting and engaging activities, kids will not get bored with learning. Learning should be fun after all.  If it isn’t fun, it often is being taught wrong.

For Your Child's Development

When children play games, they play to win, so they are very attentive. They engage their visual sense, develop their memory, logical and reasoning skills as well. Also, speed is a factor of winning most games, so your kid will improve processing speed as they learn to think fast in order to win.

What Ages Benefit from Learning Through Play?

Math Monkey has programmes for kids aged 3 to 12 years of age, from preschool to primary school. Of course, it is always best for your child’s mental and emotional development to start early, but no matter your child’s age, now is always a good time to start when it comes to learning.

By getting your child an early start in one of our programmes that incorporates Vedic mathematics principles, you will help your child to be prepared for the many challenges of this world. Also, your child will have a better chance of getting into more exclusive schools and universities later because of higher retention and speed which will translate into better grades and test scores.

Why Vedic Math?

Teaching children mathematics is particularly challenging because traditional methods are boring, uninteresting and tedious, requiring rote memorization, which just isn’t that fun or engaging for a child and doesn’t lead to retention.

Combining challenging and interesting mathematics based games with Vedic mathematics methods in an environment that encourages children to think, strategize and work well with others leads to much higher retention and speed in mathematics processing compared to children who only study traditional methods of solving math problems.

Example of Vedic Math

Fostering Healthy Minds and Bodies


Our programs include an engaging curriculum that will grab your child’s attention and teach them how to think about what they see in more meaningful ways. To keep up with the games, your child will need to continually develop their attention span and will naturally develop attention to detail and instructions. The depth and complexity of the games will progress as time passes so your child’s memory will need to grow also, and it will because when learning is fun progression is easier. Strategy and problem-solving skills are needed in every day of an adult’s life and those are the same skills your kid will build because our games can’t be won without those skills either.

Besides building your child’s IQ and math prowess, Math Monkey programs also encourage physical and emotional development. Children also learn to socialize and work towards mutually beneficial goals, so their emotional quotient or EQ grows right along with their IQ. This leads to a more well-rounded child and better overall health. Children respond much better to this kind of environment than they do to what you find in most schools.

Here are some of the Math Monkey games that help to develop your child to her fullest:



Improves your child’s speed in solving math questions while also improving their physical strength and coordination

Raider of the Lost Math

Improves your child’s skills in solving math problems while enhancing their cognitive skills and emotional quotient (EQ)

Planet of the Apes

Improve’s your child’s attention, visual, memory, logical thinking and speed as she solves math questions
Our programs combine these principles with Vedic math techniques into engaging and educational games so that your child will learn math naturally without realizing they are studying. To learn more or to find a Math Monkey center near you in Singapore, please contact us at one of our knowledge centers on our website. Let us help your child prepare for all the challenges the world has in store.

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