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Singapore is one of the top countries with a very strong national education system in the world. In fact, it has always topped math and science international educational scores. The Ministry of Education in Singapore aims to provide each student with the best choices to help meet their education goals by allowing different methods and approaches to learning. And other countries, such as USA, are now incorporating books and teaching techniques from Singapore into their curriculum.

In Singapore, there is a continuous improvement in the quality of teaching and learning, to provide our students with a more broad-based education that ensures holistic development, in and out of the classrooms. For instance, the Math Monkey enrichment programmes for pre-school and primary school children is one such initiative that aims to give children another way to learn and apply the subject. – the curriculum at Math Monkey helps children sharpen their math skills from a young age when attending kindergarten and primary schools.

Math Monkey Helps Children Learn Better

The Math Monkey enrichment programme is unlike the typically rigid and traditional way of teaching math. It brings in a new model and concepts for teaching by using Vedic Math. It also introduces fun games and group activities that help kids not only to enjoy learning math but to also be able to easily grasp math problem solving models that they could otherwise find complicated.

The value and importance of ensuring that preschoolers and primary school kids understand math are so that they can easily face the challenges of secondary and higher school education. Early math learning is therefore like laying a foundation that ensures your child will have an adaptable learning processes as he progresses through school.

When a child enrolls in Math Monkey, she will learn math in a different way. As mentioned above, our programmes focuses on fun oriented activities, and we all know that kids love having fun. As such, with games and play in the curriculum, her mind will quickly open up and she will develop a positive attitude in the subject.

Effective Math Enrichment

Math Monkey can help and motivate your child to learn and enjoy mathematics

Subsequently, Math Monkey kids will able to apply the following to solve math problems:






Critical thinking

At a young age, kids at Math Monkey will become familiar with numbers and numerical symbols. They will be taught to gather data accurately and learn how to use the best methods to solve math problems, such as the mental math concepts using Vedic Math.
Math is a skill that gets seasoned with practice and applying the right math approach is the mission of Math Monkey. So, contact Math Monkey now to find out how your child can learn the subject of math better.

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