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Young children in Singapore start learning by joining pre-school then kindergarten when they are 3 to 6 years of age. They then join primary 1 through to primary 6 aged between 6 and 12, after which they proceed to join secondary school. Before moving on to secondary school however, it is compulsory for all students to sit for the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) exam. PSLE tests learners’ skills in English, mother tongue languages, science and mathematics.

Exams, especially for those in math, are not a favorite with many people. They can keep you worried, create fear and panic. However, no student needs to experience nervousness and panic as a result of an impending PSLE. Some parents will pay for extra tuition, look for a private tutor or opt for a free online tutorial class for their kids.

The good news is that PSLE can turn out to be a success through proper preparation including adopting new approaches and using better tools including math enrichment programs.

One of the best ways to succeed with PSLE math is for parents to enroll their children in a math enrichment centre such as Math Monkey where students are guided and taught math best practices.

PSLE Mathematics with Math Monkey

Mathematics is a subject that follows a natural progression. Thus, one level builds upon another, with each building upon the knowledge gained and understood from the previous one.

Math Monkey has one objective – to help students learn math and solve math problems, whether they are working in school or at home. The programme assists students to:


Start where they are and progress onto higher levels


Learn through doing and understanding without just memorizing formulas


Use interactive, activity-based and fun methods


Follow math concepts and apply Vedic Math to simplify complex concepts


Learn through group work and activities


Keep and stay ahead of their peers in school

Effective Math Enrichment

Math Monkey can help and motivate your child to learn and enjoy mathematics

Enrolling your child in Math Monkey ensures that by the time PSLE is approaching, your child will be well equipped with all the math examinable concepts. At Math Monkey, we use a curriculum that encourages logical reasoning without stressing students to try and remember many mathematical formulas taught in the traditional class settings. At whatever level you enroll your kid in, you can rest assured that they will get the necessaryhelp and exposure in math.

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