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Mathematics is one of the core subjects in life. It is studied everywhere and this is because we cannot traverse through life without the concepts taught in math. We deal with money, measurements, letters, numbers, art, and more in life and work, all of which are skills and knowledge we get after studying math. In Singapore, the math curriculum is comprehensively laid out by the Ministry of Education. In fact, the curriculum is so good, it has seen the country rank top in international math assessments across the world. The curriculum is used for kindergarten and primary grade students.

Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE)

Before moving on to secondary school, primary school students in grade six are required to sit PSLE, a national examination in Singapore that is given by the MOE. The exam tests know-how in English language, Science, Mathematics and respective Mother Tongue Languages.

Effective Math Enrichment

Math Monkey can help and motivate your child to learn and enjoy mathematics

PSLE mathematics exam, in particular, is very distinct because of its style and formatting. It goes for two and a half hours’ time and has three sections (papers).

Paper 1 comprises two parts. Part A and B need to be completed in an hour. Paper 2 comprises one booklet that takes one and a half hours. For paper one, questions are multiple choice and total fifteen to account for twenty percent in the final exam grade. Booklet B comprises of open-ended questions and like booklet A, it also has fifteen questions. The aim of booklet two is to test individual knowledge of math concepts and facts. Paper 2 comprises of several questions and totals to 55 points. Students are allowed to use calculators while sitting Paper 2 exams.

Your Child Can Ace PSLE with Math Monkey

As we have mentioned before, at Math Monkey, we think, work, live, act and solve any problem. We know that one way to achieve math success is to practice the skill over and over. But we don’t go the long route of trying to recall numerous math formulas. We use Vedic Math a quick and easy to learn method that works effectively for children of any age bracket. We also know that passing PSLE is vital as it marks how a kid will graduate to the secondary school level. Passing PSLE with flying colors allows a kid to get a place in some of the most prestigious national secondary schools. To pass PSLE, a student must prepare systematically. We successfully help students prepare for the PSLE exam by bringing them to a level whereby they can answer any previous PSLE question.

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