Number Patterns

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A pattern refers to any sequence that repeats more than once. For example, say you are counting from one to fifty. You will notice a repetitive pattern where all digits alternate from 0 to 9. Number patterns is a very fundamental subject for preschool and kindergarten math programs. When children begin preschool, they are expected to able to count from one to ten and to recognize basic numbers. As they continue with preschool, they are expected to be able to count digits that are more than ten and continue learning basic patterns all which act as foundation for succeeding in math.

Importance of a Strong Math Foundation

Since math has a spiral effect where new concepts build on previously learned concepts, number patterns although introduced in low-level learning represents a building block to advanced level mathematics. Upon graduating from kindergarten, kids they are expected to handle more complicated tasks including counting to 100 and creating more complex patterns. Number patterns, therefore, mark the beginning of a crucial math foundation for advanced math topics introduced in primary school.

Effective Math Enrichment

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Why Number Patterns are Vital

As stated above, basic math and number patterns learned in both preschool and kindergarten lessons set the foundation for learning more advanced math concepts. When children understand number patterns, they can learn other math concepts quickly and easily. Additionally, these skills increase their confidence when working number concepts leading them to believe they are good in the subject.

If by chance your child is not able to become comfortable with numbers and patterns when he is young, the result is that he will lack confidence and develop a negative attitude towards math when more advanced math concepts are introduced. In such a case, he/she believes that they are unable to understand math which begins a failure cycle. As a parent, it is crucial to help and support your kid learn and understand basic math concepts for the future. Some parents go for tuition, help at home or even hire private tutors to support learning for their children. Still, others enroll their kids in math enrichment centers.

Math Monkey

At Math Monkey enrichment center, we help kids love and pass math at whatever level they are at in school using tailor-designed programs for children kids of all learning grades. We also have special holiday programs. We believe that every child can understand math and become a whiz when they are inspired to work out any math problem. And, because we know that kids are all fun and games, we specialize in interactive games and fun-filled methods of teaching. The kids get hooked and unlock their math potential in the name of games and fun math puzzles. We also use Vedic math an approach that fosters natural methods of solving math problems.

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