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After your child learns addition and subtraction operations in mathematics, the next important operations to learn are multiplication and division. Both multiplication and division are paramount math operations as they act as building blocks for other math concepts. Thus, it is important to introduce your child to these operations at the earliest opportunity possible so that she can start learning and using them.

To multiply numbers, your child will typically be taught multiplication tables in school. Thereafter, when she is sure of these tables and their usage, she can start applying the acquired knowledge to solve a variety of problems. For example, once a child knows that 10 x 10 = 100, she will also be able to understand that 100 x 100 = 10000.

Using Games to Teach Multiplication

There are several ways to introduce children of a young age to multiplication in math, including the use of games. For instance, games help children tomemorize multiplication tables very quickly. They also foster speed, accuracy and fluency.

Multiplication games that include multiplication snap cards help to practice multiplication techniques. For example, the cards are shuffled and distributed between two players who keep them facing down. They then turn them up simultaneously. The first player who is able to multiply the two numbers and call out the correct answer will be the winner for that round.

Another multiplication game is a hunting treasure game in which students multiply numbers ending in zeroes to unlock hidden treasure.

Effective Math Enrichment

Math Monkey can help and motivate your child to learn and enjoy mathematics

Some of these math games can be played at home and are freely available online which require little effort to play yet can help children learn multiplication easily and quickly.

Unfortunately, some children may find it difficult to memorize the multiplication tables, thus they may find subsequent math lessons in school becoming more difficult and as such, may fall behind in class. As a result, they may lose their confidence in school and at home. For both the child and the parents, this becomes a very hard position to be in.

Math Monkey Enrichment Centre

Fortunately, Math Monkey is a professional math enrichment program that can greatly assist primary school children to get strong math skills such as multiplication and division. When you enroll your child at a Math Monkey Knowledge Centre, you will discover that she will start loving maths from the many games and effective teaching methods used by our teachers. As a result, they may become experts in math in time to come.

Our programmes teach children from pre-school to primary level and we employ new approaches of teaching math including Vedic math, and group-based activities and games that also build up your child’s social and interaction skills.

Vedic Math enables your child to understand important math concepts including times tables, while the games enable her to easily grasp math concepts taught in class while having fun. When your child plays a math-based game repeatedly, the concepts being taught in the game helps to retain her memory, to learn quicker. She will also get to have fun at the same time, thereby encourage her to enjoy the subject of mathematics.

Enroll your child in Math Monkey today and see an improvement in her as she learns mathematics that will help her in primary school and beyond.

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