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Years back students were more interested and engaged in learning calculations at school. Their scores were much better in topics like multi-digit addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division compared to what we see today. Since man invented the smartphone and high-end calculators reached the hands of students, their grades, as well as an understanding of mathematical concepts, have dropped drastically.

Just imagine how difficult life will become if a person cannot add numbers to get the total amount to pay for groceries or to calculate a discount. Think how you may feel if you need to use a calculator for even small, simple arithmetic calculations – what an embarrassment! This is what your child may go through unless she learns how to do mental math that will help her make calculating a breeze.

The Importance of Mental Math

The concept of mental math is not new although it may not be used as often today. It is not only a concept but a complete learning system designed particularly for math. Mental math promotes different ways to improve one’s memory, processing skills by teaching students to utilize special formulas and calculations based on methods designed and developed from Vedic math.

Vedic Math

At Math Monkey, the ancient Vedic method of mathematics is used to teach children how to calculate even the most complex mathematical problems at a time when calculators had not been invented yet.

Effective Math Enrichment

Math Monkey can help and motivate your child to learn and enjoy mathematics

The oldest text available about Vedic math dates back 1500 to 800 B.C. There was no technology available then, so the teachers, often known as rishis, developed 16 sutras as the basis of Vedic math. These sutras, written in the ancient Sanskrit language, help in honing the brain to use logic based concepts to learn and apply math rather than just memorizing formulas.

These sutras help students in solving math problems and helping them to be comfortable with different concepts of algebra, calculus, and geometry. The curriculum at Math Monkey is designed in such a way that every student develops an understanding of concepts, not just by just reading and writing them down but also with the help of games and fun group activities. These play time-based curriculums teach students to understand the concepts, while having fun. This is one of the best formula for children to learn mathematics!

Adults Benefit from Mental Math

Although adults can also benefit from learning the technique of mental math, it is best to start at a young age. As we grow, our brain reduces the ability to make new connections, thus making it slightly more difficult to learn new things as we age. As such, it is much easier for children to learn something new. Thus, your child should start learning mental math as early as possible.

At Math Monkey, we have classes designed for children at varying skill levels in math, even those who are not comfortable with math. By equipping each child with the tools to solve calculations they will gradually gain self-confidence and pride in being able to solve more and more complex mathematical problems.

At each and every step, our well-trained teachers will guide your child in learning these math concepts and how to apply them in daily life.

Get Your Kids Enrolled

Mental math teaches children to solve difficult mathematical problems from mental memory using special formulas and techniques. This builds confidence in children showing them that math can be fun! Instead of reaching for a calculator they will learn how to solve problems using unique techniques. Today students struggle more than ever but by giving your child the gift of mental math you will give them a strong mathematical foundation which will make learning a breeze! Our dedicated and friendly teachers will help your child each step of the way.

Give your child a chance to learn valuable mathematical skills – give her a jumpstart today by enrolling today! Math is important on all levels: in school, at work and in everyday life. It is crucial to ensure that your child is well versed in these concepts and know how to solve math problems without using a calculator. Join us at Math Monkey, where we will give your child a strong foundation using Vedic math concepts that help to ensure that she has a brighter future!

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