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Mathematical prowess is a tremendously critical ability and there are reasons why.Math plays an important role in our everyday lives with math skills having always been associated with cognitive abilities. This also reflects a person’s problem solving and critical thinking ability. In fact, many employers who are in search of problem solvers and critical thinkers always give aptitude tests to measure such skills and gain insight into a candidate’s abilities.

The thing about learning math is that it is progressive. For instance, a child needs to learn numbers, how to count them and how they follow one another in a sequence before they are able to use, multiply or divide them up. Although a child may not need to apply a lot of the math concepts they learn in school, there’s no escaping basic numeracy skills for day to day life and work. As such, those who avoid math are always fundamentally at a disadvantage both in school and in later life. Thus it is imperative for parents to ensure that their young children get to understand the required math skills at every level when they are in school.

Obtaining Quick and Effective Math Skills

Children, especially primary school kids, can learn to be quick and effective in both basic and complex math problem solving skills. This can be done in a step by step method starting as early as preschool.

One way to do this is by guiding and encouraging them to follow through school math homework. Teachers also need to instill the art of understanding every math question and math problem.

One crucial aspect to understanding math problems is that all such problems will provide the child with known information while asking her to find and give answers to the unknown. Thus, it is important for her to identify these known and unknown information in the problem.

Effective Math Enrichment

Math Monkey can help and motivate your child to learn and enjoy mathematics

At Math Monkey, children are taught math problem solving techniques using Vedic math as a foundation, allowing them to easily use the known information obtained from a math problem to determine the unknown information.

As a parent, you can help your child to quickly and effectively attain such mathematical skills through the engaging and fun math enrichment programmes offered by Math Monkey.

Math Monkey is a math enrichment program in Singapore whose main mission is to enhance mathematics abilities to all preschool and primary school students in the country. With the introduction of new learning approaches and models to help kids obtain effective mathematical abilities through Vedic math, and encouraging children to take part in math games, visual aid models and fun-based interactive group sessions. Such skills are not only for attaining problem solving skills, they also impart logical reasoning and critical thinking. So, enroll your child now at a Math Monkey centre.

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