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Singapore is consistently ranked at the top in international math student assessments including the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS). Part of the reason why this is so because the Singapore Ministry of Education (MOE) has put a lot of emphasis on education for all students. For instance, games are used as a teaching technique in the school curriculum for both kindergarten kids and primary students from primary one through primary 6.

Introducing games in class bring the principles, conditions, and strategies that best teach, develop specific skills, or concepts, and bring in structure, enthusiasm, excitement, rules, total participation and amusement that youngsters feel when taking part in the games.

The goal of using math games for kids is for them to perform well because they will understand the material on a deeper level while having fun. Games require the capability to perceive and process information in parts, evaluate it, and choose an appropriate action plan. They also enable children to determine practical and real-life math skill applications.

Benefits of Using Games as a Tool for Teaching

Studies suggest that teaching using games from an early age has huge benefits. First, kids love games. Thus, when teachers use games, they can capture the children’s attention, thereby helping them to concentrate in class.

As a result, children become more receptive to learning as they associate it more with play than with work.

Furthermore, games will help to open up a child’s mind (dopamine, a positive chemical self-created in the brain) to new concepts – they get to learn, retain content and become more adept at problem-solving.

Effective Math Enrichment

Math Monkey can help and motivate your child to learn and enjoy mathematics

Playing games also motivates children and promotes their independence, making them less conscious and brings forth positive (serotonin, a positive chemical created in the brain) attitudes to approaching math questions without worrying about failing. In addition, they provide a “hands-on” experience for interactive tasks for both school and home.

Math games also give a better sense of the students’ strength and provide a pleasurable way for parents to be able to participate in the education of their children – you don’t have to be a math genius to play the games.

Math Monkey Uses Games

Math Monkey is unlike any other math enrichment program in Singapore. Math Monkey applies games in our teaching curriculum to foster logic and creativity to help kids solve math questions. We use games because they are very effective in learning and improving math is key. Enrolling your child in a Math Monkey class ensures that these math techniques taught alongside with games will improve their creativity and logical thinking processes to solve math problems. As a result, when students are given math problem questions, it becomes easier for them to use the skills they learn in Math Monkey to find the solution they need.

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