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When we think about teaching mathematics to children, we get the image of a challenging and arduous task. But did you ever associate mathematics with fun and games? Math Monkey is a place where you learn there is a fun side to mathematics – and to discover having fun is a wonderful way to learn!

Programmes at Math Monkey

At Math Monkey, there are various programmes organised for school going-aged kids to help them with the advantage by becoming proficient in a subject that they may previously had an aversion towards.

The mathematics enrichment programmes are specially crafted to meet the needs of children at different competency levels in the subject.

And to encourage a play based and fun approach to learning mathematics, where different levels are given names of different types of monkeys, such as chimpanzees, orang utans and gorillas.

Effective Math Enrichment

Math Monkey can help and motivate your child to learn and enjoy mathematics

In addition, holiday camps offered by Math monkey are ideal for students to get a better grip on the subject by participating in group activities based on learning Vedic Math through games.

At these camps, experiential learning will open up your child in their understanding where math is all around.  This will improve her skills in solving complex mathematical problems as she plays and extract the math concept in each activity.

Activities at Math Monkey Camps

The camps are usually held during mid and year end school breaks to ensure maximum participation from all children. The events held in these camps cover a broad range of subjects which relate to mathematical calculations such as:

Brain Venture

The child lets her mind venture into new, uncharted areas through specially designed IQ and logic games.

Interactive Team Games

These are team games which teach the value of teamwork.

Discussion and Presentation

The child learns how to exercise ‘Higher Order Thinking’ through group discussions and presentations.

Math Everywhere Life Teaching

Here, students participate in real-life scenarios at the supermarket, at home in the kitchen or even in the bathroom, and they learn how mathematics applies to these everyday situations.

You can enroll your child in the multi-day camps organised during the school holidays, so as to provide her with an enriching experience during the holidays.

You can also enroll your kid for our regular classes, with a choice of two conveniently located centers in Singapore: East Coast and Novena.


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