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Mathematics skills are crucial to the success of a child whether at school, home and in daily life application. Math problem-solving skills also help build confidence and enable a wide range of career opportunities. Additionally, it’s from learning math that you can attain knowledge and skills with regards to investing, budgeting, taxes, loans, business financing and more.

To ace such math skills, it’s essential to study and practice. Remember the more you practice a concept, the better you become at it. Think about how a child learns to ride a bike or swim. Or, how a person learns how to drive a car. The more they practice, the better they become. It’s no different in math. It’s a skill that gets seasoned the more a student practice it. Studying and using a math formula sheet goes a long way toward helping a child ‘get’ it.

The Importance of Math Formula Sheets

Just the same way a farmer needs farming tools, math requires that you have some tools too. In the Math language, we call them formulas. They comprise methods used when doing math computation and guide students on how to solve particular math problems.

For example, if you are asked to calculate the area of a circle, how will you go about it? Of course, you will use (A = πr2) formula to do it. Math formula sheets have formulations relating to geometry, algebra, area, perimeter, trigonometry, volume, units, and measurements, etc. Sometimes, formulas are provided to students taking math tests so that they can focus on application, rather than memorization.

Effective Math Enrichment

Math Monkey can help and motivate your child to learn and enjoy mathematics

With the growth of the Internet today, there are many free resources to help students in all learning levels starting from kindergarten, primary and secondary to get better at math. It is now possible to access free formula sheets, math question solvers, algebra solvers and math apps. Also, students can access blogs and Facebook groups specific to the study of math. Students from all over the world post math questions on these platforms and interact through discussions. They comment on posts covering a range of standard math topics and assist one another in learning math.

Math Monkey – Math Enrichment Center

Based in Singapore, Math Monkey is a high-rated math enrichment center. We have math programs for kids of all ages and focus on teaching math without following traditional teaching methodologies that make kids hate and develop a ‘can’t do attitude’ for math. We use Vedic Math and fun games to help kid’s ace math. If your child somehow says math is hard and believes that they can’t understand it, enrolling her at our center will eventually change that. You will notice a positive attitude towards math after you register your child with us. Soon after is that their math scores will skyrocket to even topping their class.

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