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Simple Strategies to Make Math Fun for Kids

Mathematics is among the most valuable subjects; it will not just help your child get a good grade in math, but will be instrumental in their future. Children who understand math have a wide variety of career options, which means they have better chances of pursuing their dream careers. That is why parents ought to take the initiative of ensuring their kids are well equipped with math concepts from a tender age. Here are some great ideas you can emulate.

Enroll Your Child in a Math Enrichment Center

Children have a highly active mind that barely allows them to concentrate on one subject for a long time. The only way you can capture their attention throughout the session is by using fascinating learning methods employed by a math enrichment center like Math Monkey.

Math Monkey can help your little one to develop skills that will take away the fear of math and enable them to find new ways of approaching calculations. The best thing is that the skills they learn at our centers complement what is taught in the school curriculum.

Our programs include unique approaches that are game-based, with the students having candid relations with their teachers. Conversely, this also makes it easy for the teachers to understand the needs of each learner.

Learn Through Play

Effective math enrichment programmes that encourages learning with fun and group activities

Thus, Math Monkey’s math enrichment knowledge centers are advantageous to all math learners, whether they are excellent or weak in the subject.

When you select Math Monkey for your child, she will receive quality learning that is fun and engaging.

Blend Math into Your Child’s Daily Life

The best way to assist your child in learning mathematics is by incorporating the mathematical concepts into your daily life. Here are some manageable and straightforward examples:


When you go out shopping, ask your little one to add up the prices. You can also pose complex questions such as the number of items you can buy with a certain amount of cash. Such as, How many items can we buy with $20?


When driving, ask your child to count the number of cars in the parking lot, red light or any other place. Such as, How many blue cars are outside the store?

Addition & Multiplication

On the road, make your kid add up the numbers of the license plate of the car that is in front of you, or multiply the numbers of the license plates of two cars.

Simple activities such as these will go a long way in improving your child’s mental math ability.

Learn Through Play

Math Monkey uses fun as the key to help unlock the hidden math potential of your child

Focus on Fun

While some kids naturally have fun learning mathematics in Singapore, others have a hard time understanding the concepts. For both kinds of students, Math Monkey is here to help them in the subject by making it interesting and effective for them to learn. Contact a Math Monkey Knowledge Center to enroll your child now.

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