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PPPthematics is one of the most resourceful and essential subjects. Countries around the world strive to ensure flexible educational structures to accommodate math learning for students. Without math calculation skills, there’s no doubt that a person will get stuck in some life circumstances.

To be able to grasp math skills at the start at a young age is thus very crucial as it marks the beginning of skills learning to be applied in life directly. Children need to learn math not only to pass math tests and exams in schools but also to make their careers and lives better by making smart decisions.

For most students, education in Singapore begins with kindergarten for two years, followed by the primary school for six years. Students then take the PSLE exam after which they join a secondary school based on performance.

Focused Math Curriculum

In particular, Singapore uses a focused national math curriculum for primary and secondary grade students developed by Ministry of Education (MOE). The curriculum emphasis a pentagonal design framework to help students build math problem-solving skills at every grade.

All the content and concepts that students should master are stipulated for each topic at grade level and well reinforced through approved textbooks and carefully constructed teachers’ preparation and professional development.

Unfortunately, many believe that math is hard to understand and children may decide early on that ‘math sucks.’ However, the truth is that the subject is very logical and can easily be understood when the right methods and logical processing are applied to teach it.

Effective Math Enrichment

Math Monkey can help and motivate your child to learn and enjoy mathematics

Fun Math Learning at Math Monkey

That is how we do it at Math Monkey. A leading Math Brain Centre, we use unique and exceptional approaches to teach math. We believe any student can ace math by applying these concepts including games, math puzzles, interactive math lessons and most importantly understanding the 5 Brain Abilities (5BA) of students with the application of Vedic Math in its curriculum.

When we use fun games and puzzles to teach math concepts such as numbers and patterns, children develop a strong liking for math and robust mental math capabilities which sets them in a positive direction for learning and solving any math question.

They get to work out math concepts in a fun way which glue them to the subject. They end up loving it and continue to dig deeper into math concepts as they graduate from one grade to another.

You can enroll your child with us at any of our two math enrichment centres in the country. We admit children at any learning level starting from kindergarten to primary grades.

Math is Necessary for Life

We apply it in the grocery store, making budgets, investments, estimations and more making it very essential for basic survival. That said, parents need to support their children by ensuring a strong math foundation. If your child is somehow behind in math enrolling them in a math enrichment centre can help make all the difference and push them ahead in possibly becoming a math whiz.

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