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Your child may be struggling and be lagging in math, finding the subject extremely difficult to comprehend. To her, she may not find “math” and “fun” commonly used together in one sentence. Well, this can easily be a thing of the past with Math Monkey’s enrichment programme.

Math Monkey provides students with the capability to grasp math concepts by using fun activity-based problem-solving skills as well as strategic mental tactics to help them hone their math skills.

What is Math Monkey?

Math Monkey is a top-rated mathematics enrichment programme that helps students love and get excited about math. Kids end up enjoying math a lot more after going through the Math Monkey programme.

If your child says that math is their worst subject, that statement can easily be turned into “math is my favorite subject” when they enroll in Math Monkey.

In the past, the ultimate goal of education and mathematical instructions in many schools is for students to understand the material presented by teachers and to try to recall the concepts in the future.

Discover Your Child's Math Potential

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The problem with this conventional way of teaching and doing math is that students have only one choice – to recollect the math concepts they learn in class to succeed. If they are unable to do that, they end up failing and very likely shunning & disliking the subject.

Even when they are able to recall formulas for assessments, they may easily forget the core concepts after a short period of time, which hinders their math development abilities.

Benefits of Math Monkey

Our Math Monkey programmes bring in a new approach by introducing a process that help children understand math, and not just to memorize concepts. With a syllabus that provokes logic, play, and critical thinking, Math Monkey helps children sharpen their math skills through simple and flexible activity-based models. The curriculum is based on Vedic Math that has the capability to simplify complex math problems by promoting mental calculations.

Math Monkey recognizes that every student is unique. Thus, we provides both customized and group-based learning techniques to assist children with their math work throughout the school year.

Parents who have enrolled their kids in Math Monkey are extremely pleased with the results: they will notice the difference as their children soon get excited about math lessons and surpass their age skill levels both in pre-school and primary education. These skills they have learnt will help them throughout their lifelong  education pathway.

How to Enroll for Math Monkey

In Singapore, we have with two conveniently located knowledge centres: the East Coast Knowledge Center and the Novena Knowledge Center. Call us today for a free assessment and to enroll your child in a Math Monkey class.

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