Importance of Math in Kindergarten

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It is hardly ever thought that focusing on math skills is crucial in early childhood education. However, researchers have acknowledged that effective math instruction early in a child’s life is the key to accomplishing the evolving number sense and success in math. The Singapore curriculum is unique in its approach to ensure that every student gain analytical skills and critical thinking in mathematics. The math abilities taught in kindergartens are intended to provide preschool children the foundation they need to succeed while learning primary math. Parents now search for the best program and resources to give their children a head start in acquiring both language and math skills.

The Importance of Teaching Math to Preschool Children

Here are six reasons why it is imperative to teach math to preschool kids:


Develop Imagination

Learning math at a young age activates a child’s imagination. Children become creative and inquisitive through learning, reading, art, games that they play in kindergarten.


Shapes Recognition

Math activities that involve shapes or graphics trains a child’s ability to understand. The use of drawing in illustrating these shapes and applying them in school or at home helps a child relate to what is being taught in a math class.

Effective Math Enrichment

Math Monkey can help and motivate your child to learn and enjoy mathematics


Understanding Instruction

In school, students are instructed on how to say numbers or help out in measuring and counting things in the house. As they take such instructions, they become better learners. Such skills are vital for learning in successive primary grade math level, as well as other subjects such as science through the skills requirements and experience obtained in kindergarten.


Better Dialogue

Kindergarten math helps kids improve their dialogue both at home and school. Since they now understand numbers, they are able to accomplish any number related tasks. They are also able to ask questions about the world around them since they can better express themselves.

Learning Kindergarten Math at Math Monkey

Math Monkey Singapore is a top-rated math enrichment program that teaches math to pre-school and primary school children. At Math Monkey we use Vedic Math to teach preschoolers mental computations which help them understand and master math skills. We also use arts and math games to make math fun and exciting. Preschoolers enrolled in our programs learn everything they need to succeed in Primary Math and beyond.

Through research and findings the best time to start learning math is at a young age. Kids learn basic skills which act as a foundation for higher levels of learning. At Math Monkey, we understand the importance of learning any skill at a young age. We ensure preschoolers get all the required foundational concepts by laying a strong math foundation.

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