How to Study Math for Primary School Children

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Math is a powerful tool that can help understand the world we live in. Just look around, some of the best world’s achievements are as a result of mathematics. From doing simple sums to applying complex math concepts in science, technology, and other industries, math helps us think creatively and critically.

In Singapore, national math education is exceptional and has earned a reputation worldwide after the country consistently ranked at the top in international mathematics assessments. Singapore applies an innovative and unique approach for teaching math in schools by focusing on the mastery of math concepts to teach problem-solving skills every school year.

Some of best ways to study math includes the following:

(1) Create a Time Plan

Start by creating a math study time plan and look for a study area that is quiet, clean and devoid of clutter whether at home or in school. A study time plan should include a to-do-list of the topics to cover, textbooks, study questions, and any other necessary stuff.

(2) Practice Math Daily

Students should ensure that they work on all math assignments including math homework and look at it as an opportunity to practice what is taught in class. On top of this, students should also practice math daily. You see, like any other skill, math requires constant practice and practice makes perfect. Furthermore, students should likewise prepare notes which are vital to their study of math including formulas.

Effective Math Enrichment

Math Monkey can help and motivate your child to learn and enjoy mathematics

(3) Group Study

Group studies allow students to help one another in coming up with strategies for answering math questions. Additionally, students use study groups to review past exam papers which gives them skills and confidence to tackle any math question.

(4) Use Technology

Technology can be applied everywhere and be used for effective math study. A student can apply technology by using calculators, math apps, and software to learn math and get motivated. Technology also enables children do math puzzles and games which make math more fun.

(5) Seek Professional Help

Students should also seek help from parents or teachers when they get stuck with math problems.

Vedic Math Approach at Math Monkey

Math is crucial for any school attending children and the study of math at any level can be especially daunting. Another easy way to attain math skills is by applying Vedic math.

Vedic math is a programme used at Math Monkey to elicit math excitement and help in math mastery. It helps kids understand and not just cram concepts. Math Monkey makes math study unique by use of interactive games and group studies.

Every primary student yearns to attend the best secondary school and eventually the best university. To achieve this, they need to ace mathematics. Furthermore, almost all daily and professional tasks require math skills. At Math Monkey, learning math is fun. We can help your child gain all the required primary math skills necessary for school and life in every grade. With our Vedic math programmes, your kid will be able to master necessary math concepts.

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