How to Solve Math Problems

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Math is one of those subjects that is very crucial to learn. Its concepts are applied in almost every area of life – many problems can frequently be solved through the application of math concepts, thus it is imperative to learn and understand how to solve math problems.

Moreover, math problem-solving skills and strategies can help to foster accuracy and inspire confidence. The state of a student’s math development as they begin school determines what they must learn and how to achieve mathematical proficiency.

Skills and Knowledge Required

Learning math begins before a child joins primary school, and continues into secondary and tertiary education as they get to learn the many mathematics skills and concepts they need. Parents can enroll children in math enrichment centres such as Math Monkey to help them better learn the math problem-solving skills they need.

In Singapore, the Ministry of Education (MOE) has adopted a math teaching technique for kindergarten through primary school. Its adoption has seen Singapore rise to the top three in junior math worldwide. In fact, this teaching technique has been so successful that it is increasingly being adopted by other countries including USA.

Effective Math Enrichment

Math Monkey can help and motivate your child to learn and enjoy mathematics

To solve math skills, a student requires the ability to understand shapes, patterns, and have the ability to count. To represent math concepts, kids can use art such as colored blocks rectangles to represent fractions or subtractions that enhance understanding. Teachers can also use drawing to encourage students, such as for them to draw rectangles to solve math questions that are represented in numbers as a whole, fractions, or as a part of a whole to find the answer in the drawing. Additionally, teachers can also use storybooks to teach, since stories and songs use repetition, rhymes, and numbers. At home, a child can invite his or her friends over for a birthday party where they can play number games on a canvas that can greatly improve their math skills.

Building Math Champions

Math Monkey’s purpose and mission is to help students become proficient in mathematics and become math champions. Complementing Singapore’s math education curriculum in school, we teach Vedic Math techniques that encourages children to read, listen, think, visualize and do mathematical calculations to find an answer. As a result, children are able to sharpen their math skills and greatly enhance their mental abilities.

The use of art and games in a Math Monkey class also enables children to learn how to share and play with other students. Lessons in the our programmes are ability-based, meaning that each child is placed in a group with similar mathematical capabilities and start learning where they are most comfortable.

Our model of learning ensures that math is both interactive and fun. Thus, enroll your child in one of our classes where she will quickly learn how to solve math problems.

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