Fun Math Games & Math Puzzles for Kids

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The best time to introduce mathematics to children of a young age is at a time while their brain is developing. Children are naturally curious, and research shows that they can develop critical thinking and reasoning skills early on.

Singapore Math is one of the top-rated curriculum in the world and encourages the use of games and puzzles to teach junior grade math. Games and puzzles help teach kids how to work with shapes and lay a foundation for the development of this crucial ability for primary children who select and take up math and science courses.

Benefits of Using Games and Puzzles to Teach Math

Advantages of using puzzles and games to teach primary kids include the following:

(1) Cognitive Skills

Puzzles come in a wide variety of color themes. They also cover topics including shapes, alphabet letters, numbers, pets, art, transport and more. These help kids increase visual and spatial skills and help them perform better on tasks that assess their ability to rotate and translate shapes.

(2) Problem Solving Skills

To be able to complete a puzzle, you need to come up with a goal. Engaging in puzzles help kids see, reason and make plans on how to go about setting and accomplishing goals. Doing this involves the implementation of practical reasoning skills and problem-solving which are useful in life and future work.

(3) Eyes and Hands Coordination

Playing with puzzles requires a lot of hand and eye movements. For instance, a student playing a jigsaw puzzle has to try and fit a piece of the puzzle in the right place which requires a lot of trial and error actions that include hand and eye manipulation until the piece is in the right place.

(4) Social Skills

As an educational tool, puzzles and games require children to cooperate and work together either two by two or even ten to complete a puzzle. They, therefore, need to read, know, search, discuss and share where puzzle pieces should fit and why, take turns, motivate and support each other during play which sharpens their social skills.

Effective Math Enrichment

Math Monkey can help and motivate your child to learn and enjoy mathematics

Puzzles and Math Games at Math Monkey

Math Monkey is a math enrichment center that uses new innovative approaches to teach math. At Math Monkey, we understand children learn best through interactive games and puzzles. We use games such as:

Blink’s Fishing Tournament

This is a game where kids need to answer a math problem to be allowed to fish.

Blink Planet of the Apes

In this game, children learn to concentrate, speed, logical thinking, visual and memory. They are required to view pictures on a board before starting and solve math questions before cover changes and use their memory to get the pattern behind the board cover.

Boxing game

In this game, children are required to apply speed and answer a math question to get a chance to knock a tumbler and more.

In education, puzzles are a fun tool that challenges kids and prepares them for important day to day life skills early in life. At Math Monkey we employ numerous puzzles and carefully curated games to help kids learn math concepts. Parents can now enroll their kid at our Math Monkey Math Brain Centers for innovative games and puzzle learning.

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