Algebra Formulas

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Mathematics is a key subject in schools. And this is mostly because its applications traverse almost through all aspects of life.

The math syllabus in school requires a lot of concepts that students need to learn, understand and practice including numerals, combinatorics, trigonometry, geometry and more. However, one of the most important math concepts that pupils need to know and understand from the preschool level through primary education is algebra: the representation of numbers as letters or symbols in a formula or equation.

Basic Algebra

As mentioned above, algebra is a branch of math that uses letters to represent unknown numbers. We have all used algebra starting from as early as primary school.

For example, a simple problem in algebra could be finding the value m – 10 if m is 20.

Importance of Algebra

Algebra is a powerful tool when applied to solve problems in science, economics, engineering, architecture, finance, and more in day-to-day tasks.

Understanding algebraic formulas for any student is crucial because it acts as a gatekeeper to high-level mathematics concepts virtually required for both secondary and post-secondary education.

Becoming an expert in algebra for any child is thus paramount: a child gets to pass her exams and as she progresses, understanding algebra puts her on track for secondary education success. Algebra also opens doors and serves as a foundational skill for some of the most coveted careers today. From engineering, computer science, data analysis to medicine, algebra is necessary and a must have math skill.

Effective Math Enrichment

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Algebra and Math Monkey

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