5 Skills Your Child Needs for Primary Math

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In Singapore, the math syllabus emphasizes mastering problem-solving skills rather than just memorizing concepts for students in primary and secondary schools. Since its introduction by the Ministry of Education (MOE), the curriculum has centered on the need to ensure that all children learn in-depth math concepts. A math tutor in Singapore uses Singapore Math to teach and create interactive problem-solving techniques that are based on solid math concepts. Studies show that students learning Singapore Math in junior primary develop the mastery of mathematics faster than their peers in the world.

5 Desirable Skills Needed to Pass and Excel in Primary Math

Primary math is taken by students in junior primary level. Unlike other parts of the world where teaching involves dividing classes and providing tuition to those lagging behind, the Singapore model does the opposite, ensuring each student understands the required skill at every level. In a classroom, a teacher demonstrates math problems using short stories and diagrams, which enable a child to read, understand and view the problem or solution at their level of understanding.

The following skills are necessary to help children ace primary math:

(1) Measurements

Parents can help their children develop measurement skills at home by simply using measuring units to find the right quantities such as measuring cups, measuring tapes, recipe following and prices

(2) Number Sense

Number skill is taught early in child development to help kids recognize and understand number series and why things follows certain sequences which easily arouses their curiosity

(3) Estimation and Approximations

Primary school going children require to learn estimations and approximations which they can apply in everyday activities. It enables and improves the level of understanding for a child when they have a hard question or a faced with a continuous assessment test.

(4) Pattern Recognition

It is important to help children get pattern recognition skills which is essential in math. This adds on to a child’s lifelong skill.

(5) Problem-solving Skills

Problem solving is paramount in mathematics. The skill involves critical thinking, finding solutions to encountered problems. Students will require such skills during their math exams.

Effective Math Enrichment

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