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Frequently Asked Questions about Math Monkey

The Math Monkey programmes are, by design, unique and distinctive from other traditional math teaching strategies your child may have probably experienced in school. Our primary goal is to gauge each student’s current level and to build upon it while having fun along the way. We strive to match your child’s current proficiency and learning speed with a group who are at a similar level and learning speed, so that all the kids in the class can progress at a comfortable pace.

Invariably, both parents and students have many questions about Math Monkey Singapore enrichment centers and programs. This is to be expected and we encourage you to explore the information we are sharing here on our website. Since people ask us certain questions very often, we have compiled this list of FAQ that provides answers to the most commonly asked questions. If you have a question that is not addressed in this FAQ, please feel free to call our offices or email us or use the online form below, and we will be most happy to give you the answers you seek.

1) What is Math Monkey?
Math Monkey is an enrichment program designed for children of all ability ranges and parents who understand the importance of math excellence. Math Monkey boosts children’s logic, reasoning and mental agility through our game-based curriculum inspired by Vedic math, an Indian math philosophy. Most importantly, we believe that learning Math should be fun activity rather than the conventional boring method of drilling”. We aim to instill a love of Math in children.
2) What is Vedic math?
Vedic math is an Indian (South Asian) math technique, which successfully teaches children to think mathematically and achieve math competency. The system makes mathematics easy and enoyable and the varying methods encourage innovation. The ease and simplicity of Vedic math means that calculations can be done mentally. Students are not limited to the one “correct” method. This leads to more creative, interested and motivated students. Math Monkey uses the Vedic techniques to create excitement and curiosity among kids, so they will continue investigating math and will want to learn more.
3) Is this tutoring?
Math Monkey is not tutoring. We are an enhancement to traditional education and children are taught in a classroom environment of not more than 12 students. Classes meet once a week for one and a half hours, providing consistency in the dynamics of each class. Using games along with the Vedic techniques, children hone their mathematical skills and understanding in a fun environment. Instruction is provided without the use of paper and pencil in order to develop the mental aspects necessary for mathematical success.
4) Will learning different methods and mental techniques confuse my child?
Absolutely not. Think about when you learned your native language. You simply learned how to speak and probably didn’t realize the rules and relationships the grammar and vocabulary played.

Now think about learning a second language. When you learn a second language, you probably learn it with more emphasis on grammar, syntax and the relationship between the various components. Learning all these about a second language did not confuse you with your native language, it most likely improved your understanding of your native language. This is the same with math.

Learning alternative methods does not confuse your child. It is a gift that allows your child to find different meaning in the numbers and even begin understanding why the traditional methods work the way they do.

5) How will my child’s teacher feel about him/her using these methods in school?
It is important for your child to perform the traditional methods while in school. However, he/she now has a tool for checking their work and knowing the answers they have are correct. Because your child’s mathematical aptitude will improve from learning the Math Monkey techniques, his/her overall zeal for math will be refreshing and appreciated by school teachers.

Anytime your child goes to school prepared, all good teachers would be supportive and appreciative of your child’s effort in improving their math skills. The feedback we get from teachers is always positive.

Please be assured that we also emphasize and remind our students to use the traditional methods in school during class. We even have activities where we compare the differences between Vedic math and the traditional method. As Math Monkey teaches your child to solve questions with speed and accuracy, they can adopt these methods in solving complicated math problems, thereby quickening the solving of the problems. Such skills are critical during the exam.

6) How will I know if it is effective?
Because we are an enrichment program and not a traditional tutoring program, we are measuring various pieces of information, some outside simple quantitative indicators. Each session begins with a skills assessment developed to measure the starting knowledge of each child in each particular class. At the end of a 12-lesson term, the child is assessed to establish the child’s understanding of the materials covered, as well as to make recommendations for placement during the next term. More importantly, we encourage parental feedback on intangible measurements such as enjoyment at doing homework, completion of assignments, self-esteem in peer interactions. The goal is to create joy in learning.
7) What type of child is Math Monkey for?
Math Monkey is designed for children of all ability ranges. As an ability-based programme, the high ability child is not confined by the conventional age-based program. For a child who requires more focus, the program allows the child to build a strong foundation. Through our game-based programme, the child WILL BE motivated learners at Math Monkey!!! The learning environment challenges the kids to think on their feet, use critical thinking and express thought processes within a group.
8) How do you know what level to start my child in?
Prior to enrollment, your child will participate in a short (10 to 15 minutes) pre-enrollment interview that will help us determine what is the best placement for him/her. The interview consists of a short series of skill assessments as well as a few simple verbal questions. The interview will be conducted by one of our qualified teachers or the Center Director. Your child’s Math Monkey teacher will make recommendations for subsequent placements.
9) Does the Math Monkey curriculum align with what my child is learning in school?
Math Monkey curriculum is in line with what your child is learning in school. We cover an assortment of topics and what they learn at Math Monkey will enhance their school curriculum. We have designed the curriculum with children’s future in mind.

Note that primary school engages in the use of the 4 basic operators with different complexity. At Math Monkey, we concentrate on these operators, as well as issues such as time, money, weight etc. We also cover fractions, percentages, decimals, geometry, as well as various measurement units such as length and area and volume.

10) Who will be teaching my child?
Each class is taught by a qualified teacher. All our teachers have undergone rigorous training and are certified as teachers. We have a strong recruitment and selection procedure in place to screen and select only competent and dedicated teachers for our children. Teachers are required to adhere to our teaching policies and procedures. Their performance is also consistently monitored and assessed to ensure that they can deliver the highest standard of teaching.
11) What kind of training do the teachers have?
All teachers have gone through a comprehensive Math Monkey training course and have been certified to teach at Math Monkey. Instilling a love of learning is more than something we say. Ongoing professional development is compulsory for all instructors. Therefore, you can be assured that the standards of our teachers are maintained at all time.
12) My child is already strong in math. How will this benefit him/her?
Children who are already strong in math will find the Math Monkey programme challenging and stimulating. Since the programme is designed for acceleration, kids who are already math-capable will have a wonderful intellectual outlet. The programme moves along quickly, giving these types of learners a challenging environment in which to continue to excel.
13) My child is math challenged. Can he/she participate successfully?
We often find children who are “math-challenged” will excel in the Math Monkey programme because of the alternative approaches used. While we do not focus on any one child’s deficiencies, the supportive environment that we strive to create allows all children to learn. Because Vedic math teaches various methods, children are taught that there is no one “correct” method, thus encouraging creativity and innovation.
14) My child is ADD, ADHD, Autistic, Asperger. Can he/she participate?
Math Monkey’s core competency is not in the area of substantial learning differences. However, we have seen children diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, autism, etc, excel in the programme. We believe this is in large part owed to the environment we provide the children. Because the kids are moving around and need to be active in their learning, many of the learning differences that pose a problem in traditional paper and pencil sessions disappear. Each center reserves the right to enroll children with these differences at their discretion and instructor availability.
15) How long will my child need the program?
Math is a cumulative subject, requiring understanding and mastery of basic skills in order to move forward. Math Monkey is dedicated to developing the skills necessary for mathematical success. Our programme is an enhancement, not remedial, and carries a child from as early as kindergarten through their primary education years.
16) Can we start in the middle of a session?
We encourage entrance into the programme at any time. While the curriculum does build upon itself, repetition and review of previously taught skills are a big part of the philosophy. This makes entrance after the start of a session easy and comfortable for all children.
17) What method(s) are used to teach?
We have woven the Vedic math techniques into a game-based approach to learning that keeps kids interested and wanting more. The kids are taught on a concept, after which they will then play interactive games that help them to hone their skills. Hands-on, minds-on learning that relies on the idea of a scaffolding (building on previous knowledge to continue teaching and learning) is the cornerstone of the Math Monkey programme.
18) How do you handle emergencies? Do you ever dispense medication?
All emergency contacts will be noted upon enrollment of your child. However, if there is a true emergency, we will always seek professional medical assistance and not administer any medication whatsoever.
19) What is the attendance procedure?
Students’ attendance are marked by teachers as they come in.
20) Do you have replacement lessons if my child misses a class?
If there is any other ongoing class that your child has missed, we will arrange for him/her to join that class. When that is not possible, we will provide your child with a replacement lesson prior to the following lesson on a 1-on-1 basis without the game part.

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