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The brain of a child at any age is like a sponge, soaking up every new thing that they learn. However, if the teaching is done incorrectly, then learning may become a problem.

Fortunately, Math Monkey can help your child to learn mathematics, supplementing what they learn in school in a less stressful yet in a richly motivating way through the concept of Math Brain.

The Birth of Math Monkey

In line with the development of a child’s brain with respect to mathematics, an professional educator by the name of Kirsten Fisch had founded Math Monkey in the US in 2006. What Kirsten did was to cleverly combine the rigid structure of Vedic math with a fun-based program to motivate children to form a genuine interest in math.

It was not long before Math Monkey began to gain popularity in other countries across the world, and now there are two centers in Singapore as well.

The Concept of Math Brain

At Math Monkey, we believe that your child has the ability to be really good at mathematics. She will show her best academic performance by developing what Math Monkey calls the “MathBrain”. As the student learns through fun, games and group activities, the primary objective is for the child to gain particular abilities in math. The child will find that she will be able to:


Gather information accurately


Be familiar with numbers and numerical symbols


Apply the relevant formulas


Think about the best approach to solve a problem


Do all of the above swiftly and accurately


The Math Monkey Way of Learning Mathematics

At Math Monkey, each teacher is committed to ensure that the children get motivated and driven to use their best intellectual skills both in class and at home, so as to gain and exhibit a high proficiency in math. Each day is a new learning experience for your child, who will find that there is something to be learned from mathematics every time a problem is solved.

Each student at Math Monkey is encouraged to not only solve math problems automatically but to actually read the question carefully, to understand what is required and determine which method to use for achieving the end result. This ensures that your child gets it right the first time, every time.

Age-Based Grouping

To ensure that all primary school kids get the right sort of attention relevant to their age and capabilities, different groups are formed to participate in the different games and fun activities. There are seven age-based groups, with the youngest mostly comprising of children who are 3 to 5 years old, on up to the oldest group typically comprising of 11 to 12 year old children.

Green Monkey Troop

Ages 3-5 years

Lemur Monkey Troop

Ages 6-7 years

Chimpanzee Monkey Troop

Ages 7-8 years

Orang Utan Troop

Ages 9-10 years

Baboon Troop

Ages 10-11 years

Gorilla Troop

Ages 11-12 years

A Satisfying Solution for Your Child to Learn Math

As a parent, you will find life at Math Monkey to be both enriching and satisfying, as you will see your child getting more and more involved in the subject. You will also be able to find out from testimonials of other satisfied parents on our website and from reports in the news, that the way we teach math is unique and effective. Give your child the gift of a lifetime and enroll her at a center here in Singapore today!

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