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If you are worried that your child may be having problems in dealing with mathematics and may not be progressing in the subject even with the best private math tuition, enroll her in a math enrichment centre like Math Monkey, where your kid will not only hone their mathematics skills but also increase their interest in mathematics.

Our way of teaching helps our students to understand the concepts and problem-solving methods of mathematics in a simple, fun and interesting way. The curriculum at Math Monkey is designed in such a way that your kid learns as well as enjoys mathematics. We teach the sutras of Vedic Math that will help your child to solve the mathematics problems in easy and creative ways.

How Your Child Benefits from Math Enrichment

Mathematics seems very complex and boring from the point of view of children. And once it’s regarded as a hard subject in a student’s mind, it stays that way from primary level to secondary level and beyond.

But mathematics is not as hard as it seems to be. With the correct way of teaching and learning, the teachers at Math Monkey can help your child develop the knowledge and skill in mathematics that they will continue to use as they level up in the educational system.

Therefore, our math enrichment programmes easily complement what is taught in school as well as in math tuition classes to help your children to develop and maintain an interest in mathematics from an early age, by making mathematics easy and fun.

Enrich Your Child’s Math Skills

Let your child become proficient with numbers in pre-school and primary school

Specialties of Math Monkey’s Programmes

Fun Games

All children love games and challenges. Thus, at Math Monkey, we provide educational games that are concentrated towards the mental and social development of our students in a fun way.

Ability-based Problem-solving

Through interactions, practical courses and tests, your child learns to solve the problems of mathematics through practical activities.

Vedic Math

Our teachers are specialized in Vedic Math, which is a classical method of solving complex mathematics problems by simplifying them using the 16 sutras or formulas. This concept will help your child to simplify mathematics and also develop their own creative ways of solving problems.

Programmes and Holiday Camps

Fun and interactive programmes aimed to engage your child and help her to continue to improve her math skills even during the school holidays.

At Math Monkey, we place students in the most appropriate group for their skill development. This way, they can meet and interact with other kids who are at the same level. Also, teachers can also focus on their individual development more efficiently. We also organize fun holiday camps with experienced teachers for a more interactive teaching and learning process.

In today’s world, knowledge in mathematics is a must. For your child to grasp all the required knowledge needed for her to develop into an intelligent individual, she must enjoy learning the subject from an early age. There may be many reasons as to why your child have not been performing well in mathematics but be assured that, at Math Monkey, we will help your child to reach the top of her math skills according to individual child’s ability!

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