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Once they come of age, children are usually enrolled in school to study varied subjects for which they are taught to progress from one level to another, through primary school, to secondary school and to higher educational levels. However, every child is unique and learns these skills in a different way, with some students easily picking up on concepts much faster than others. In a subject like mathematics, some students tend to fall behind others and thus will require more time to get the concepts taught in class and will need the help of a good math tutor or good math enrichment centre such as Math Monkey.

A good tutor will notice the areas where your child is having difficulties with and where she will need extra attention in order to catch up with the rest of her class. Such good tutors will also point out such observations to her parents so that both can work out the right study plans to help the child.

Although such tutorships are good, they may not be sufficient in helping the child deal with math challenges entirely. Thus, this is where Math Monkey can help, by providing a math enrichment programme that help your child to not only improve her math skills, but will also encourage her to enjoy studying and applying math in school as well as in daily activities.

Math Monkey: Teachers with a Difference

Math Monkey is a top-rated math enrichment centre in Singapore that is increasingly becoming popular as its programmes result in students learning to understand and love math through fun-based math activities. This is achieved with our Math Monkey teachers, who are recognized for their quality teaching and advanced education philosophy.

Often times, when a child starts to learn new concepts in school, they may get frustrated when they experience difficulty in understanding the basic ideas. Failure to learn these concepts will only cause them more difficulty in the event of trying to complete assignments in school and at home which ultimately leads to low scores in math assessments.

Effective Math Enrichment

Math Monkey can help and motivate your child to learn and enjoy mathematics

Thus, our Math Monkey teachers firmly believe that although your child may not be a math guru, but within themselves the capacity to excel in the subject. Given the right preparation and a fun-based approach to learning, they believe kids can easily overcome any difficulty in understanding complex math concepts by applying fun methods and a specialized curriculum that makes kids love and sharpen their math skills beyond belief.

When you enroll your child at Math Monkey, she will be grouped with other children who are at similar level of ability in math so that they can successfully learn together. Our teachers will provide your child with customized tasks that will lead to self-discoveries and deep understanding of math concepts.

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