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Of all the subjects that kids have an aversion to at school, mathematics is on the top of the list. Surveys have revealed that the brain of a child is more receptive to innovative and new ways of teaching rather than the traditional, rigid way that schools typically teach today.

The guiding philosophy at Math Monkey is that students learn math better if we change the teaching format. Hence at Math Monkey, learning is fun. Here, math is taught to pre-school and primary school students through fun and interactive games, using Vedic Math as a base. The results are spectacular – children develop an interest in mathematics and become proficient in solving complex mathematical problems, mentally.

Thus, in this blog, we at Math Monkey want to share how your child can improve her mathematics skill. So read on to discover the latest in learning, and teaching, math to kids. And for your child to be the best she can be in math, contact us about enrolling her in one of our classes.

Math Formula Sheet

A math student won’t go far without using math formula sheets to guide them to solve math questions. But more importantly is to know the application of these formulas in school, home, private tuition, and math enrichment centers.

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PSLE Math Questions

PSLE being a national exam whose results determine the kind of school that your child is admitted to requires both the parents and the student’s effort at home and in school. Some parents go for private tuition. At Math Monkey, we come in to make the triangle complete by guiding, helping master and gain confidence to not only sit but pass PSLE math.

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