Vedic Maths For Children

Getting a child to take an interest in math is a next-to-impossible task for most children, which you as a parent must have experienced at home with your kid.

This is where Math Monkey, a math enrichment institute, can help your child get a head start in learning how to solve complex mathematical problems using Vedic Math as a base.

Started way back in 2006, Kirsten Fisch a teacher who was in search of a better and less rigid way to teach mathematics to kids in a more meaningful way. Thus, Ms Fisch founded Math Monkey and chose Vedic Math as the basis of her new program; she felt that Vedic math was the most efficient way to get a kid to use the best of her mental faculties to solve even the most complex math problem.

The Basics of Vedic Math

So, what is Vedic Math? And where did it originate?

Vedic Math is a system of teaching adopted in ancient India around 1500 B.C to 800 B.C. Under this system, the Guru (teacher) would teach students the basics of mathematics through a series of 16 formulae called Sutras.

These 16 Sutras are corollaries and hold the key to learning how to solve mathematical problems in the absence of books. Once a person learns all the 16 Sutras, they will become a master mathematician.

Examples of Vedic Math


Question: 23 x 21

Step 1: Multiply vertically in the left-hand column 2 x 2 = 4

Step 2: Then multiply crosswise and add up the sum of the two multiplications
(2 x 3 ) + (2 x 1) = 6 + 2 = 8

Step 3: Lastly, multiply vertically in the right-hand column: 1 x 3 = 3

Therefore, the answer is 483

Magic of 11

Question: 14 x 11

Step 1: We rewrite 14 with space in the middle

Step 2: Then we add the two numbers together ( 1 + 4 ) which will give us 5

Step 3: We put the three numbers together to get the answer of 154

The question here is then, how do we get children to become motivated enough to learn the 16 Sutras so that they can solve complex mathematical problems? Here is where Math Monkey can help your child.

How Math Monkey Works

Math Monkey is a place where mathematics is presented to children through a fun way of learning. Each class is packed with games and group activities that motivate a child from a very young age to develop an interest in the subject.

At Math Monkey, children from age 3 to 12 are taught to solve problems through fun-based methods that are also based on the concept of Vedic Math. The child gets so involved in these activities that she forgets that this is in fact, a school away from school.

With 2 two centers in Singapore, one at East Coast and the other at Novena, parents can provide their children with a solid foundation in mathematics, to help ensure that they become top performers in school as well as later on in life. At Math Monkey, your child will get the necessary attention according to her age and current math skill level, to ensure that the children in each group are well matched intellectually.

Contact the nearest Math Monkey center to know more about the course to enable your child to set forth on the right foot from an early age.

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