Vedic Math for Children

math monkey

Vedic Math is an ancient system of mathematics. The system makes math easy and enjoyable, and the varying methods encourage innovation. In the Vedic system, difficult problems can often be solved immediately by the Vedic method.

The simplicity of Vedic Math means that calculations can be carried out mentally.

One key feature about Vedic Math is flexibility. There is more than one solution to a problem. Children become more creative. With a variety of methods to doing a calculation, mathematics is no longer rigid and boring!

In Vedic Math, children are not limited to the one “correct” method. This leads to more creative, interested and motivated students, resulting in improved memory and greater mental ability.


What is 23 x 21, can you solve this in 5 sec??




Question: 23 X 21

Step 1: Multiply vertically in the left-hand column 2 X 2= 4
Step 2: Then multiply crosswise and add up the sum of the two multiplications
(2 x 3 ) + (2 x 1)=6 + 2= 8
Step 3: Lastly, multiply vertically in the right-hand column: 1 x 3= 3

Therefore, the answer is 483.



Magic of 11

Question: 14 x 11

Step 1: We rewrite 14 with space in the middle.
Step 2: Then we add the two numbers together ( 1 + 4 ) which will
gives us 5.
Step 3: We put the three numbers together to get the answer of 154.


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