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The Math Monkey Curriculum

Based on the philosophy that FUN is the key to learning, Vedic Math concepts are taught using carefully designed games and tools. The Math Monkey Curriculum is the culmination of more than 40 years of research and teaching experience in Vedic Math of Professor Kenneth Williams.

Kenneth Williams has been widely regarded as the ‘guru’ of Vedic Math. He believes that children shouldn’t have to rely on a calculator or pencil and paper for something the mind is capable of doing without them.

There are three components to the Math Monkey Program:

Use of games in Math Monkey Classes

Play is an essential component in our program. Carefully designed and well-thought out games are used to teach math. We focus on learning through play, which has been shown to enhance intellectual and emotional development.

Developing mental math ability

In our classes, children are taught to engage their minds. This will build the mental math ability of children and sharpen concentration and memory skills.

Ability based program

Our program is suitable for all ability ranges. This gives the challenges necessary for a child to continuously push their own boundaries of knowledge and allowing a child to build the necessary foundations.

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