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The Art of Science of “Play”

Our “Play to Learn” methodology is a lot of Fun. Children are motivated to learn!

Creating an immersive environment, Math Monkey Asia makes use of a game-based curriculum to introduce Math problems and Vedic Math sutras to children.

Why play games at Math Monkey?

Every child wants to be a winner in games. Besides helping children develop their social communication skill and nurture their EQ as they deal with winning or losing, game-based lessons can enhance the 5 major brain abilities too.

In order to win, the children are motivated to pay attention so that they can absorb information (games rules), they will try to visualize the co-relationship of the games rules and winning strategy. They will attempt to remember and retrieve/hold information while playing. They will have to apply their logical thinking and to try to solve problems fast.

With the desire to solve the questions and win, children begin to explore different ways to get the answer. Their excitement propels them to test various ways to get the best solution. The constant testing improves their understanding and memory of the subject matter. Unknowingly they are motivated to learn and are learning without feeling stressed. As such, they learn faster and more conductively.


Children have to be attentive so that they can absorb information (game rules) clearly as part of their motivation to win the game.


Enables students to uncover the co-relationships of the game rules and winning strategy in order to win the game.


Enables students to remember and retrieve information taught in class. Besides, most of Math Monkey’s games need students to hold information while playing games.


Our game-based lesson has competitive elements where children need to solve problems fast to complete follow up actions in order to win the games.


Our game-based lesson enables students to think and apply their logical thinking in order to win the game.

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