My girl Kloe is doing exceptionally well in her Math at School. She remains excited in class and engages very well especially for math activities. Her accomplishments in math assessments are beyond her age level and far above her peers. We appreciate Math Monkey’s programs in nurturing her foundation well since young. Would recommend strongly

Klark Ooi Parent of Kloe Ooi (8 years old)

Saaya is a student at Math Monkey and she has been consistently attending every single lesson with enthusiasm. We assess this by “Learn through Fun and Not with stress” Culture practised at Math Monkey! Kudos to Math Monkey!

Manoj Krishnan Parent of Saaya Krishnan

My daughter enjoys her lesson at Math Monkey. She learns how to calculate without using calculator. She likes the games which they play during lesson. Learning Math is fun and interesting for her. The teacher is helpful and caring.

Lina Parent of Aurellia Grace

Math Monkey’s program offers a very lively and fun environment to stimulate the mathematical capability of children. We are able to see improvement in our child’s ability to do mathematics.

Teo Song Kim Parent of Teo Ting Ting

Math Monkey program helps my child Annika greatly in mastering her school Math subject. Most importantly the program has spurred her interest in learning Math.

Vincent Chong Parent of Annika (Age 7)

Math Monkey is a good enrichment program to stimulate young kids’ brains. My son is able to calculate and respond very fast in mental sums and visually very quick too. He enjoys very much in going for his weekly lessons and looks forward to it every time.

Lin Li Wen Parent of Dennis Saputra

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