Math Monkey Enrichment Programmes

Math Monkey Troops

The Math Monkey programmes are divided into various levels depending on the mathematical abilities of the each child. Our classes are kept small, with a max ration of 1:8:


Green Monkey Troop
Ages (3 – 5)

Specially designed for pre-schoolers, our Green Monkey Programs introduce them to the art of Math and give them a head start in numbers and music.

The Green Monkey programne also enables them to associate Maths with Fun as well as start learning about number sense, reasoning and critical thinking.


math tuition

Lemur Troop
Ages (6 – 7)

Lemur Troop learns to build their mathematical literacy using mental exercises designed to improve concentration and develop the necessary logical thinking skills for advanced mathematics.

They will be introduced to Date, Time and Money, which create awareness of mundane math around them.


math enrichment

Chimpanzee Troop
Ages (7 – 8)

Chimpanzee Troop Programs enable students to think mathematically and build logical and critical thinking skills with specially designed games and mental exercises. Students in this troop will also learn how to solve basic time and money math problems.




Gibbon Troop
Ages (8 – 9)

Gibbon Troop Programmes introduce different math techniques in performing multiplications. Our techniques render the tedious task of memorizing multiplication tables unnecessary. The Vedic technique is integrated into metric calculations and children are taught math skills required for advanced mathematics.



Orang Utan Troop
Ages (9 – 10)

Orang Utan troop programmes continue building on students’ mental agility through our uniquely designed Math Monkey Games and Activities. Students are taught how to perform math calculations with speed and precision.

Students will be given solid foundation lessons in multiplication and division. Concepts of Fractions will be introduced to prepare them for more complex math problems later.



Baboon Troop
Ages (10 – 11)

Orang Utan Troop Students explore higher order thinking together with math instructions. Students will learn effective techniques for tackling multiplication and division problems mentally with ease. They will also cover word problems and continue to build their foundation in fractions and division.



Gorilla Troop
Ages (11 – 12)

Gorilla Troop Programmes help students continue to have hands-on/minds-on experience with our unique activity based learning found only at Math Monkey. Students in this group continue to experiment with advanced Vedic Math techniques and also focus on sharpening their math skills.

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