Math Brain

 To be good at Math, You must have MathBrain!

Math Brain

MathBrain is the ability to

  1. Gather accurate information from a math problem;
  2. Understand the relationship between numbers and numerical symbols;
  3. Figure out the various ways possible to solve the problem;
  4. Apply appropriate formula to solve the problem;
  5. Accurately and Speedily.

These attributes are not part of mathematics, but they are part of the necessary “infrastructure” in order to learn and do the mathematics.

For example:

1. In order for a child to process 7 + 8, the mental process requires

(i) the recognition of the numbers,

(ii) the ability to picture what these numbers quantitatively represent,

(iii & iv) logically put the two numbers together in order to arrive at a probable answer, e.g. 7 + 8=20

(this would be illogical because the answer would be too big), and finally

(v) how long it takes for the child to complete the calculation; the time required would need to be within reason.

2. What is “half of 36?” This question would not be one that a child can have a memorized answer.

This would require a child to mentally solve the problem by

(i) recognition of 36 into two parts 30 & 6,

(ii) knowing quantitatively what 30 and 6 represents,

(iii & iv) remembering these two numbers and the halves of each,

(v) to do it within a reasonable amount of time.



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