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Math Enrichment for Your Child

Mathematics will always find its way into every facet of our daily lives. Thus, if your child is well versed in mathematics, she will always have the edge over others, whether it is in the classroom, at home or later on in their work life.

People will always seek help from those who are good at math; there will always be a need for math to solve technical or non-technical problems.

Considering the significance of mathematics in all walks of life, it becomes apparent that we need to ensure that our children achieve a solid proficiency with numbers starting from pre-school and throughout all the primary school levels. It is with this objective in mind that Math Monkey is here to enrich your child’s math skills.

Math Monkey Origins

Math Monkey was first established in 2006 by Ms. Kirsten Frisch, in Florida, USA She identified that there was a lack of enthusiasm in mathematics with American kids, thus motivating her to research into different math teaching models and discovered Vedic mathematics to be the most innovative and powerful means of teaching mathematics to students.

After Kirsten started the first center in the US, it became so popular that she ended up opening centers all over the country, and very soon, Math Monkey spread to other countries around the world.

In Singapore, there are now two Math Monkey Math Brain centers, known for its ability based program skilled towards individual child’s 5 Brain Abilities (5BA).

Concept of Math Monkey

The system of Vedic mathematics is what forms the curriculum offered by Math Monkey.

The philosophy behind Vedic math is that the mind has the capability to simplify even the most complex of mathematical problems; the Vedic math system uses the concept of the “sixteen sutras” that form the basis of breaking down numbers into their simplest form during calculations.

This concept has been evolved into the theory of MathBrain, which students are expected to develop while at Math Monkey. There are five attributes of MathBrain: a student should:


Gather information accurately


Be familiar with numbers and numerical symbols


Think out the best approach to solve a problem


Apply the relevant formula


Do all the above swiftly and accurately

Activity-Based Problem Solving

The teaching of math to your child is also carried out in such a way as to prevent too much rigidity. This is done by adding an element of fun to the curriculum via various activities and games.

The games are designed to make it easier for children to learn how to solve math problems, with the aim to develop the mental resources of the children.

The activities will also help hone their social skills as well, as they play with each other to solve the questions given to them.

What to expect at Math Monkey For Your Child

When you enroll your child at Math Monkey, you should be able to see your child growing to like math.  This will show marked improvement with the partnership of parents helping your child to understand mathematics with a more positive approach towards the subject.

Math Monkey will be the gift of a lifetime for your child.

What Other Parents say about Us

My girl Kloe is doing exceptionally well in her Math at School. She remains excited in class and engages very well especially for math activities. Her accomplishments in math assessments are beyond her age level and far above her peers. We appreciate Math Monkey’s programs in nurturing her foundation well since young. Would recommend strongly this Math Monkey program to parents who want to help develop their kids and build a strong foundation for Math.

Klark Ooi

Parent of Kloe Ooi (8 years old)

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