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Fun Math Holiday Programmes

Did you know that learning Math can also be fun for kids? New research suggests that the brain learns new things in different ways, and not necessarily through traditional teaching methods. At Math Monkey, we take a whole new approach to learning – by having fun! Our ability-based programs help children learn by pushing their own boundaries of knowledge. Enroll your 3-12 year old kids into our Math Programmes today and watch them learn and enjoy Mental Math!

Monkey See Monkey Do – Math Camp 2017

Want to help your 5-10 year old kids grasp important mathematical skills? Enroll them for our entertaining holiday camp today. We have experienced trainers to help them improve on skills concerning experiential learning, critical thinking, vedic concepts and mental agility – within a span of just 2 days.


This coming holidays, join us as we Play, Think and Learn with out Brain-based fun Math camp programme!

Center @ East Coast – 29 Nov – 30 Nov 2017

Center @ Novena – 22 Nov - 23 Nov 2017

Fee: $290 (2 Days)

Time: 9.30am to 4.30pm

This is a valuable educational opportunity for your children that’ll also enable them to have fun at the same time and mingle with other kids! Get in touch with us for more info today. Don’t wait any longer, as our slots get booked pretty fast!

Programme Outline

Baby Monkeys (5-6 years old)

  • Number Sense
  • Patterns
  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • More Than
  • Less Than
  • Commutative Law

Chimpanzees (8-9 years old)

  • Word Problems
  • String Numbers
  • Patterns
  • Multiplication
  • Higher Order Thinking
  • Base 10

Orang Utans (9-10 years old)

  • Area
  • Deficiency
  • Concept of Base Numbers
  • Vertically Crosswise
  • Volume


Center @ East Coast – 29 Nov – 30 Nov 2017

Center @ Novena – 22 Nov - 23 Nov 2017

Fee: $290 (2 Days)

Time: 9.30am to 4.30pm

Don’t miss this chance of exposing your kids to an educational experience that helps build their social skills at the same time! Contact us today for more details.

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