Math Camps for Kids

Did you know that learning Math can also be fun for kids? New research suggests that the brain learns new things in different ways, and not necessarily through traditional teaching methods. At Math Monkey, we take a whole new approach to learning – by having fun! Our ability-based programs help children learn by pushing their own boundaries of knowledge. Enroll your 3-12 year old kids into our Math Programmes today and watch them learn and enjoy Mental Math!

Mission Possible Math Camp 2019

Specially created for the coming mid-year school holidays, let you child experience fun learning at its peak! Enroll her for our entertaining and enriching holiday camp today and let her Play, Think and Learn! With experienced teachers to encourage curiosity & a sense of exploration in your child, she will master the subject of mathematics over 2 days.

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Center @ East Coast – 12-13 Jun 2019

Center @ Novena – 19-20 Jun 2019

Fee: $290 (2 Days)

Time: 9.30am to 4.30pm

A great opportunity for your child’s math education that helps her to learn while having fun and interacting with other kids! Don’t wait any longer, as our slots get booked pretty fast, so get in touch with us for more info today. 

Programme Outline

Age 5 - 6

In this camp, children age 5 to 6 will have fun learning addition, subtraction, shapes, graph and ordinal numbers with theme role-play, games and projects!

Age 7 - 8

Children age 7 to 8 will start to take ownership and make important decision making with multiplication, fractions and graphs!

Age 9 - 10

Wowzy! We have our senior campees dabbling in financial planning, putting their fingers in the tax pies, percentage and interests!

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Center @ East Coast – 28-29 Nov 2019

Center @ Novena – 5-6 Dec 2019

Fee: $290 (2 Days)

Time: 9.30am to 4.30pm

Take this opportunity to expose your child to a fun learning experience that helps to improve their math skills while building up her social skills as she plays with the other kids in the camp! Contact us today for more details.

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