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Of all the subjects that kids have an aversion to at school, mathematics is on the top of the list. Surveys have revealed that the brain of a child is more receptive to innovative and new ways of teaching rather than the traditional, rigid way that schools typically teach today.

The guiding philosophy at Math Monkey is that students learn math better if we change the teaching format. Hence at Math Monkey, learning is fun. Here, math is taught to pre-school and primary school students through fun and interactive games, using Vedic Math as a base. The results are spectacular – children develop an interest in mathematics and become proficient in solving complex mathematical problems, mentally.

Thus, in this blog, we at Math Monkey want to share how your child can improve her mathematics skill. So read on to discover the latest in learning, and teaching, math to kids. And for your child to be the best she can be in math, contact us about enrolling her in one of our classes.

Monkey See Monkey Do – Math Camp 2017

 Want to help your 5-10 year old kids grasp important mathematical skills? Enroll them for our entertaining holiday camp today. We have experienced trainers to help them improve on skills concerning experiential learning, critical thinking, vedic concepts and mental...

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Wild Wild Math Camp 2017

 Did you know that learning Math can also be fun for kids? New research suggests that the brain learns new things in different ways, and not necessarily through traditional teaching methods. At Math Monkey, we take a whole new approach to learning – by having fun! Our...

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