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Of all the subjects that kids have an aversion to at school, mathematics is on the top of the list. Surveys have revealed that the brain of a child is more receptive to innovative and new ways of teaching rather than the traditional, rigid way that schools typically teach today.

The guiding philosophy at Math Monkey is that students learn math better if we change the teaching format. Hence at Math Monkey, learning is fun. Here, math is taught to pre-school and primary school students through fun and interactive games, using Vedic Math as a base. The results are spectacular – children develop an interest in mathematics and become proficient in solving complex mathematical problems, mentally.

Thus, in this blog, we at Math Monkey want to share how your child can improve her mathematics skill. So read on to discover the latest in learning, and teaching, math to kids. And for your child to be the best she can be in math, contact us about enrolling her in one of our classes.

Algebra Formulas

The best way to learn math concepts is through models and strategies that promote both logical and critical thinking skills both in school and at home. A teacher in Math Monkey focuses on using these two, teaching Vedic math methods that stimulate mental creativity in children to help them tackle any algebra question.

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Math Problem Solver

To excel in many life aspects, math skills are important. For your child, skills including numerical competence and numerical problem solving will not only be fundamental for math assessment passes but will be also be important in daily job functions. In addition, they are a strong sign of extensive cognitive talents. They are better acquired and learnt through the innovative math enrichment programmes offered by Math Monkey Singapore.

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Mental Math

At Math Monkey, mental mathematics based on the ancient Vedic method of teaching and applying math is used to teach children how to calculate even the most complex mathematical problems at a time when calculators had not been invented yet. These concepts were developed from ancient Vedic teachings and will give every child the head start they need.

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Math Tutor

Providing your child with the best education will enable them to lay a significant foundation from primary to secondary levels for success in all life aspects. When your child enrolls at Math Monkey you are assured they are in good hands learning with certified professional teachers who teach math concepts in a systematic way.

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School life is marked with tests that mark the progression from one level to another. Failure to pass a test may mean not be able to progress to the next level, which can be very disappointing for both students and parents alike. Math Monkey can help your child through PSLE math questions and require techniques before any disappointment sets in . At Math Monkey, your child will not only get to understand day to day math concepts, but they also be taught by our teachers to apply these concepts in order avoid any disappointment prior to approaching PSLE.

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