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We are proud to offer effective mathematics enrichment programmes to the children in Singapore at two convenient centres, one along East Coast Road and the other at Novena. As a Singaporean parent, you can introduce your kids to the wonder of learning mathematics in a fun way at any of these two centres.

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A New Learning Experience

In 2006, an American teacher by the name of Kirsten Fisch had a vision of a new concept in teaching mathematics to children by making it more appealing than the existing, rigid education system used to teach math. She established a new program known as Math Monkey.

Ms Fisch has a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and coupled with a postgraduate in HR Management. During her tenure as Vice President, Human Resources for a global company, she was able to see the importance between different cultures were attached to mathematics, and how they have benefited from it. She decided to share this experience with American children.

Math Monkey became so popular that it was not long before it began to establish in other countries across the globe.

The Best of East & West

It may be difficult to get the best of diverse cultures. However, with Math Monkey, this is exactly what you will get. This program is based on Vedic math – an ancient system of teaching math from the East, which has been cleverly combined with the creativity of the West to form an innovative way to teach kids the subject.

Learn through Play

As a parent, you will probably had an unpleasant experience of getting your child to do math at home. Students often develop a mental block against the subject, due to the rigid way math is being taught at school. Math Monkey uses fun as one of the key component to help unlock the hidden potential of a child, by introducing interactive games into each lesson.

At Math Monkey, your child will be able to show skills that she never knew existed. Your kid will also learn valuable lessons in teamwork, as each team competes with the others in the various games. This leads to an enrichment of knowledge and boosts self-confidence, as the children solve math problems on their own through interactive games.

The Concept

At Math Monkey, we use the concept of the 16 “Sutras” from Vedic mathematics that culminates in the student developing a Math Brain, teaching each child in the class to:


Gather information accurately


Be familiar with numbers and numerical symbols


Think about the best approach to solve a problem


Apply the relevant formula


Do all the above in a timely and accurate manner

Math Monkey Programmes

The programmes at Math Monkey start at age 4 and continue through to 12 years old, with children typically divided into the following groups  (note that the age groups stated only serve as a guide, as the children will be placed in the most appropriate group based on an assessment of their current math aptitude and skill):

Baby Monkey Troop

Ages 4 to 5

Green Monkey Troop

Ages 6 to 7

Lemur Troop

Ages 7 to 8

Chimpanzee Troop

Ages 8 to 9

Orangutan Troop

Ages 9 to 10

Baboon Troop

Ages 10 to 11

Gorilla Troop

Ages 11 to 12

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