About Math Monkey

Math Monkey Mascot

Math Monkey is an enrichment Math Program aimed at bridging the gap between traditional education and the true needs of tomorrow’s leaders. We have combined beautifully the wisdom of the East and the creativity of the West to create a program that prepares the children of today to succeed in a highly competitive world.

We are a group of educators and professionals who believe that FUN is the key to learning and therefore, we are committed to helping children to enjoy and excel in mathematics. Our goal is to impart to our children a strong foundation in mathematics and helping them to reach their full potential.

Our program extends beyond the learning of mathematics. Our games sessions encourage children to think on their feet, nurture mental agility, creativity, independence, sportsmanship and team-building skills.

Ms. Kirsten Fisch

Kirsten Fisch

Math Monkey was started in Florida, USA in 2006 by a former teacher and early childhood educator, Ms. Kirsten Fisch.

Kirsten Fisch has a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from the University of Miami and has completed postgraduate studies in Human Resource Management at Cornell University.

Having held the position of Vice President, Human Resource for a global outsourcing company, she has seen how different cultures that value mathematics have excelled in the global economy.

Kirsten decided to bring the enthusiasm for mathematics she experienced to children in America and around the world.

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