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Math Monkey Singapore: Where Learning Math is Fun!

Are You Ready To Take The First Step In Ensuring That Your Kid Loves Math And Excels In It?

Come on! Jump onto the tram and ride into the jungle of Math learning and start having fun with Math Monkey now!

Prepare for a journey of adventure through Mind Processing Tropics, Cross the Crocodiles-Infested Lake through Team Work and Speed through the Primeval forests with Vedic Math!

For kids, learning maths needn’t be tough. Thanks to our ability-based Maths Enrichment Programmes in Singapore, you can help your young kid/s master the fundamentals of Math. Get in touch with us today to learn more!

What Other Parents say about Us

My girl Kloe is doing exceptionally well in her Math at School. She remains excited in class and engages very well especially for math activities. Her accomplishments in math assessments are beyond her age level and far above her peers. We appreciate Math Monkey’s programs in nurturing her foundation well since young. Would recommend strongly this Math Monkey program to parents who want to help develop their kids and build a strong foundation for Math. Klark Ooi

Parent of Kloe Ooi (8 years old)

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